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Mentored Lab Activities: Get your head out of the clouds and into the Cloud!
At CloudKinetics Learning, we have a strong belief in practical training that mirrors on the job training as close as possible. We implement tech for hundreds of clients, and the most knowledgeable people of tech are those that implement tech. That is not rocket science, only common sense; yet most IT training companies are simply that…training companies. As the old saying goes, “if you can’t do, teach’.

We are true Cloud practitioners that also have a passion for helping others understand how we do what we do. We also understand tech professionals don’t always need 5 days to learn a new concept, e.g. vILT courses. Just give them the tech and let them run. Hence, Mentored Lab Activities.

CK Learning’s Mentored Lab Activities are live, cloud-based, pre-installed applications and tools aligned to specific tech that allow learners to perform practical lab activities in a controlled environment. Lab activities run on a virtual machine, through a web browser, eliminating the need for high specs computers, software licenses and time-consuming installations. It allows learners to perform practical lab activities through their browser remotely, anytime, anywhere.

Lab activities sessions are fully customisable, and flexible, allowing our clients to recreate corporate environments with proprietary data sets, in other words, the most effective practical learning in the market for your organisation.

When required, learners request live support from mentors via CK’s pool of experts. This innovative approach to mentorship allows learners a scheduled, one-on-one mentoring session with subject matter experts. This helps enhance the learner’s experience as industry specialists provide practical knowledge and solutions to queries.

Not only is this the most effective practical training in the market, but it is also a cost-effective means of upskilling and reskilling corporate learners to improve production and expertise. Stretch your training budget further or save a few dollars without sacrificing employee upskilling needs.

Simply put, Doing is Learning…Mentored Lab Activities.

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