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DC Migration to AWS Cloud


Business Challenge

Customer is offering platforms for telecom sector that would assist in carrying out regular telecom related operations. One such telecom customer was running the suite of platforms on their data centre on premise and that infrastructure was nearing the hardware refresh cycle. Customer has proposed to migrate these platforms to AWS Cloud in multiple phases to achieve Lower Initial Costs, Scalability, High Availability, Agile deployment cycles and Controlled expenditure.

Proposed Solution

CK implemented the solution with the best value proposition via 3 sub-phases. In the Foundation Sub-Phase, CK setup the Base Network Connectivity with Direct Connect and Landing Zone in place to be used as a Blueprint for future applications. CK setup the Infrastructure required for the End Customer’s platform in the Implementation Sub-Phase and developed Automation Templates to be used to deploy the Network Setup and/or Infrastructure Setup (related to future phases of the project) in the Automation Sub-Phase.

Solution Highlights

  • CloudFormation Templates developed to deploy the Network Setup and Infrastructure Setup in future phases of the project
  • Ability for Customer to “Switch-on” or “Switch-off” components in the CFT template to help run multiple times
  • Ability for Customer to create multiple environments across different components in the Platform as and when the TelCo customer needs the same
  • CodeCommit, CodeDeploy & CodePipeline used for implementing CI/CD in the project

Value Proposition

  • Implemented the cutting edge infra setup within stipulated stringent deadlines – CloudFormation Templates can be used to spin up environments
  • Cloud lifecycle optimization ensures constant view of Cloud resources from a cost perspective
  • Cost Optimization, High Availability & Scalability
  • Setup Landing Zone in the AWS Ecosystem
  • 24×7 monitoring through ArcusTM platform for infra monitoring and managing the Cloud Resources

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