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Web Application on AWS

Business Challenge

The Customer wanted to host their Web Application on AWS Cloud as their key requirement necessitated a highly resilient architecture which would be robust, scalable and also catering to future business needs.

Proposed Solution

  • CK architected the AWS infrastructure for the customer including Network, Servers, Storage and Backup.
  • The implementation of the finalized architecture was carried out including mandatory basic hardening.  
  • AWS CloudFront was enabled immediately after launching the UAT environment to cache static objects and extended to Production workloads later.
  • AWS WAF was enabled at CloudFront level to protect against website related attacks.
  • Post go-live, 24×7 support was initiated immediately through CK’s seasoned Managed Services offering.

Solution Highlights

  • Hardening for servers to ensure protection of workloads
  • AWS CloudFront enabled in UAT & Production workloads
  • AWS WAF enabled at CloudFront
  • Cost Optimization suggested within the first quarter of going live
  • Extended help at the application layer level to fix issues related to webserver

Value Proposition

  • Implemented a highly secure and stable infra setup on AWS
  • Hardening of servers using mandatory best practices
  • AWS CloudFront for caching static objects
  • AWS WAF for protecting web server against attacks
  • 24×7 monitoring through Arcus platform for infra monitoring and managing the Cloud Resources

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