Tamil daily newspaper distributed in India and currently owned by a media conglomerate. It is the second largest circulated Tamil daily in India and printed in 12 cities across India.


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Migrating critical workloads from on-premise system to AWS Cloud

Business Challenge

Client is a leading newspaper using electronic media from a large conglomerate with massive customer base in South India and wanted to improve the user experience for all their end users.

Proposed Solution

Cloud Kinetics moved the workloads from a Limelight CDN which were rendered from an on-premise system to AWS Cloud with CloudFront as the CDN. A single primary site and a couple of public micro sites served on separate CloudFronts. The traffic from each of the CloudFronts in turn routed to an ELB and in turn to an auto-scaled .NET application running on Windows 2008 servers running on EC2 instances. The data is served from an SQL server running on an EC2 instance. Code changes and deployments to auto-scaled servers happen using Code Commit and Code Deploy. This resulted in a highly scalable, highly available, cost efficient solution which improved the newspapers ad-revenue as well as reduced their downtime.

Value Proposition

  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Improved User Retention
  • AWS infra setup with High availability & Scalability
  • Costs are definitive and controllable

Solution Highlights

  • 2x improvement in content rendering
  • >50% improvement in user retention, near-zero downtime

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