Manages and operates 26 television channels, 1 OTT platform, 1 film production arm and 1 independent production venture for original content and IPs for TV and digital media.


Media & Entertainment




Facilitating uninterrupted entertainment through AWS WAF and CloudFront

Business Challenge

Client was paying thousands of dollars in Infrastructure costs to handle the request volumes and was not able to maintain consistent user experience for their users.

Proposed Solution

Cloud Kinetics noticed that load times on the servers were inconsistent with the business expectation & went through the access logs and noticed POST requests were originating from multiple IPs. The primary site is served through a WAF-enabled CloudFront distribution which sends traffic to ELB which forwards the traffic to an auto-scaled Drupal application running on CentOS. RDS MySQL is used as backend DB. Application is using Elasticache Redis to cache the DB queries for reducing the load on DB. Custom content management tool running on a windows server will update the contents automatically as per the schedule. Once WAF and CloudFront were implemented, the underlying infrastructures capacity was able to handle thrice the load with improved response times to users.

Value Proposition

  • DDOS Protection using WAF
  • Security Enhancement
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Costs are definitive and controllable
  • Improved User Retention

Solution Highlights

  • 3x improvement in load handling with same hardware
  • >50% improvement in user retention

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