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Business Challenge

Client had to provide Contact Centre solution for their end Customers who were available across East Asia and Europe regions. The Contact Centre solution had a basic set of features that were common but also had varied integrations with SalesForce CRM. This was a complex task to be achieved considering intricacies involved with telephony, local language etc.

Proposed Solution

  • CK proposed to standardize the Contact Centre solution by using a common call flow to the extent possible including a feature-rich CCP.
  • Integration with SalesForce CRM was also conceived and developed as a reusable component.
  • All integrations starting from retrieving information from SalesForce CRM to updating fields & call text in those regions where it was mandated were created as components.
  • Identification of a Customer was done using on-the-fly validation against multiple parameters with minimal delays.
  • Option provided to end Customer to choose a “call-back” without making them wait longer in queue and agents were allowed to initiate the call without having to switch tabs.
 Contact Centre solution by cloud kinetics

Value Proposition

  • Personalized IVR based on the caller region
  • Third party API integration
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Definite Cost savings
  • Adhering to stringent business commitments/deadlines

Solution Highlights

  • 50+ complex call flows
  • 1000+ voice recordings
  • 500K+ LOC
  • Complex Salesforce integration
  • Platform based approach which can be reused in future

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