An agriculture cooperative that is owned by its members with base in the US and has a primary focus on dairy products. Their major business delivers seed, crop protection products, agricultural services, and agronomic insights to locally owned and operated cooperative and independent agricultural retailers.






PowerBI reporting for Azure Consumption

Business Challenge

Many of the departments of the Customer had hosted their resources on Azure Cloud and are submitting their consumption related bills to the Corporate office for payments. The Corporate team is currently using a reporting mechanism that only provides a bird’s eye view of the Azure consumption and this data was directly retrieved from the Azure portal. The Corporate team needed to have the option to view detailed billing reports with drill-down options and other advanced features pertaining to Azure.

Proposed Solution

Cloud Kinetics proposed solutions using PowerBI Dashboard after evaluating multiple reporting tools. The extraction of Azure resource usage and consumption data was carried out on a recurring periodic basis (monthly on a specified date with multiple retries) from the subscriptions under the Customer’s Azure account. The option was also provided to the Customer for running the data on ad-hoc. The data extracted would contain information (like tags) which would be leveraged in PowerBI for grouping of usage data. The data extraction module would authenticate using Service Principle registered with Azure active directory

Value Proposition

  • Data retrieval engine set to run on a specific date with multiple retries
  • Azure usage & cost per resource tracked and validated
  • Cost per Azure subscription per team provided visually to the stakeholders 
  • Stakeholders and decision-makers were able to visualize the spent trend and better plan the resources/subscriptions effectively
  • Access control mechanism implemented on the reporting solution using custom-built roles

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