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AWS Connect Implementation: Real Estate

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Client has more than 20 Business Units and each of them had a separate Support Desk. Each unit had its customized implementation of IVR using a product that runs on-premise. The solution was nearing the annual maintenance and the Customer wanted to invest in a solution that would provide the Customer options for swiftness in implementing IVR for new businesses, cost control, ease of implementing changes. Moreover, the customer wanted to obtain feedback from each caller at the end of the call and store the same in their data warehouse on-premise.

About the Client

A marketplace and transaction solutions provider who manages the outcomes of the participants through their own process, software & behavioral analytics. It caters to the needs of loan servicers, originators, property investors & consumers, Customer relation managers with the technology to support the same.

Real Estate
USA & India
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Cloud Kinetics proposed to use AWS Connect services with separate toll-free numbers for each Business Unit. We recreated the contact flows to suit the separate need for each Business Unit. Each call flow was integrated with multiple third-party APIs to retrieve different data. The IVR calls were also routed to agents based on skills and the complexity of the issue. Each survey had multiple touch-points for obtaining feedback from users and the results were stored in S3 as well as in a Database available on-premise.

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  • Personalized IVR based on the Products that the caller is associated with
  • Integration with third-party APIs to provide results related to the Customer’s business
  • Route calls to Agents who are skilled to handle the issue and the product
  • Multiple automated surveys for callers to share their experience/satisfaction over their interaction with the agent
  • Data collected from the feedback stored back into a database available on-premise

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