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Webinar on Demand: How FAST can you recover from ransomware attacks


On 30-November-2021, Cloud Kinetics in collaboration with Druva hosted the webinar “How FAST can you recover from ransomware attacks?” The notable speakers for the webinar were:

Bhaskar Sirohi – Director Sales Engineering, Druva
Pang Zhi Hao  – Solutions Architect, Cloud Kinetics
Belveder Lai – Enterprise Account Manager, Cloud Kinetics

The Agenda of the webinar:

  • The growing role of data protection in combating ransomware attacks
  • The advantages of cloud-native data protection such as natural air gap, automatic patching, AI and Machine Learning capabilities – over traditional hardware and software
  • Real world case studies 

Key Excerpts from the Webinar are as follows:-

Cloud Kinetics is a global partner of providers, that specializes in delivering industry-leading performance and is a cost-effective solution to better manage.  

There are 4 strong pillars of Cloud Kinetics:

  • Specialized in hybrid cloud integration
  • Application modernization
  • DevOps
  • Data analytics

This service is catered to every business level starting from startups, SMEs, MNC, the public sector, the financial sector, etc.

What does Druva offer?

It offers a SaaS platform for data protection across data centers, cloud applications, and endpoints.

Where does Druva come into the picture?

Druva takes a backup and creates an air gap copy between the production and the primary environment. Druva is a backup copy, is air-tight, and makes sure that the data is available in case of a ransomware attack

How Druva is accelerating ransomware recovery?

  • Contain 
  • Identify
  • Recover

Cloud Kinetics and Druva help customers build a strong data protection solution based on best practices. 

What is the method of services delivery approach?

  • Consult
  • Plan
  • On-board
  • Operate 

Watch the webinar “How FAST can you recover from ransomware attacks” below to get more insights-

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