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Optimizing VMware Workloads on the IBM Cloud, Indonesia


VMWare on IBM Cloud

Can we show you how you can increase agility AND still save up to 50% of your costs by deploying a VMware environment on a secure cloud?

Are you using VMware? Then this should interest you: with the IBM – VMware strategic partnership, you can now easily and securely extend or migrate your existing VMware workloads, as they are, from your on-premises data centers to the cloud. And you can do so without changing your existing security policies, tools or skills sets!

This not just allows you to benefit from the agility, scalability and availability of a dedicated cloud, but also helps you reduce your total cost of ownership significantly – by nearly 50%!

VMware Workloads

  • You can now consume VMware software flexibly, at drastically reduced prices.
  • You can preserve investments in your current infrastructure while shifting CAPEX to OPEX.
  • No modification of security, storage or networking tools is required.
  • No new skills or training is needed.
  • Your management software, monitoring tools and third-party integrations all connect seamlessly.
VMware Workloads

Workshop dated December 13, 2018

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