COVID-19 prompting the Shift to Remote Working

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to challenge the world and force countries into lockdown, businesses are shifting to remote working solutions to manage. Companies are looking for effective ways to enable their workforce in these tough times.

We, at CK, have also adopted a ‘Work from Home’ policy for all our staff. However, we are conducting business as usual as we continue to help our clients with digital solutions for their business challenges.


The Hospitality Industry is really suffering during the pandemic. Digitalization can help them bring down costs and increase efficiency. Working together with other cloud-based next-generation technologies, Cloud technology is helping hoteliers gain a deeper understanding of their operations and their customers, across locations. To meet customer expectations, hoteliers are looking for integrated technology options.

Cloud technology


Client: An agriculture cooperative based in USA

PowerBI reporting for Azure Consumption

Learn how CK helped an Agriculture Cooperative retrieve data and track cost/usage using PowerBI Reporting Dashboard


Data owners are looking at their data from a whole new angle and are utilizing data analytics to generate useful actionable insight which becomes an integral part of every new offering.

Cloud Kinetics Data-Service-as-a-Practice offers services to revamp organization’s data strategies to ensure that they are extracting as much value as possible from the silo-ed data that they gather which could influence their new offerings/Services.

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At Cloud Kinetics, we believe that the right digital strategy can help companies increase their competitive advantage and enhance customer experience. That is where we have built our core expertise. As a certified MSP, we tirelessly work towards accelerating our clients’ business transformation journeys by using cutting-edge platform-driven services. We do this in an agile, responsive and scalable manner, ensuring a significant positive impact on business with minimal disruption. Feel free to Contact our Cloud Experts for a non-obligatory discussion. Write to us at