2019 Highlights

2019 was another successful year for Cloud Kinetics. We worked on a number of exciting opportunities across the globe and saw growth in our team in terms of numbers as well as certifications and experience. We have won accolades from our partners like AWS, Microsoft and have emerged as a strong digital transformation partner and an expert for cloud managed services for our clients.

To recap a bit of our activities in 2019, we present an infographic:

Expert Cloud Managed Services


Cloud Gaming is also referred to as Gaming-on-Demand as it allows the user to play a game on any device without requiring physical hardware or a local copy of the game. As the world of gaming shifts from traditional consoles, cloud gaming is becoming attractive to gamers because it saves time and money for them by eliminating the need to purchase hardware or download/upgrade games. They also don’t need space to store games as the entire gaming experience is cloud based.

 Cloud Managed Services


Client: TVS Electronics

DC Migration to Cloud

Cloud Migration
Learn how Cloud Kinetics implemented an innovative cost model proposed with 20% reduction on proposed refresh

Cloud Kinetics is a Digital Transformation Technology company offering cloud managed services. CK enables clients to overcome the limitations of traditional on-premise business applications and unlock the power and flexibility of Cloud.
We leverage the power of Cloud technologies to enable Enterprises, Service Providers and ISVs to achieve meaningful business results. 

At Cloud Kinetics, we believe that the right digital strategy can help companies increase their competitive advantage and enhance customer experience. That is where we have built our core expertise. As a certified MSP, we tirelessly work towards accelerating our clients’ business transformation journeys by using cutting-edge platform-driven services. We do this in an agile, responsive and scalable manner, ensuring a significant positive impact on business with minimal disruption. Feel free to Contact our Cloud Experts for a non-obligatory discussion. Write to us at contactus@cloud-kinetics.com