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Monthly Newsletter – February 2020

Monthly Newsletter – February 2020

Future Decoded – Satya Nadella in India

Future Decoded: Tech Summit 2020, a conclave for developers, technologists and industry leaders in India, focusses on how innovative use of technology is driving stories of success across business and communities across India. Microsoft has been driving several innovations in applying technology across all sectors. This summit happened in Bengaluru on 25-Feb-2020.

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella at Future Decoded in Bengaluru on 25 Feb 2020

The afternoon session was a deep-dive session on Microsoft AI with key speakers from the AI division in India addressing on segments of Microsoft AI.

The event started with a quick introduction from Anant Maheshwari, the President of Microsoft India and also initiating a conversation with Amod Malviya, the Co-founder of Udaan. The conversation circled around how Azure had benefited Udaan and their customers. Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, provided a 45 minutes key-note address where he explained that primary mission for Microsoft is to help organisations jump-start their growth through transformational tech intensity, which results from enterprises adopting best-in-class technology, building through their own digital capability as well as having trust in both the technology they use and the organisations they partner with.

According to Nadella, there will be 50B connected devices by 2030 and the total amount of data by 2025 is 175ZB. To tackle such enormity of data, Microsoft has been building an end-to-end encrypted tech architecture across platforms and devices, enhancing Azure Cloud platform to provide limitless data estate and are building a Power platform that it includes Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automation tools and Power Virtual Agents.

A few case studies were showcased on how Microsoft AI, Power Platform, Office365 etc. have helped organizations leapfrog their digital transformation journey and on how that has helped the public at large.

BUSINESS ON CLOUD: Energy & Utilities

Digital Transformation is disrupting many industries and the Energy & Utilities landscape is no exception. The sector is facing an unprecedented level of disruption across the energy value chain as a result of the digital era. The industry is going through a digital revolution – Energy 4.0 – a phrase being used to represent the integration of emerging technologies. The Energy and Utilities sector is embracing emerging innovations such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence.


Client: Real Estate Company from USA

AWS Connect Implementation

See how Cloud Kinetics implemented AWS Connect services with separate toll-free numbers for each Business Unit of a US-based Real Estate company.

CK SERVICES SPOTLIGHT – Modern Applications

Moving your infrastructure to the cloud is just a part – although a very important one – of your company’s digital journey. To get the full value of the cloud, companies need to ensure the systems they use are compatible with the modern infrastructure. Modernizing existing applications can improve the functionality of existing applications and improve the performance and compatibility with newer applications. Numerous extensibility and integration opportunities that get presented to any modern applications on the cloud. These are vital and not-to-be-missed areas by any business today.

Modern Applications

Cloud Kinetics can help you with your Application Modernization requirements. Talk to us to know more about modern applications on cloud.

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