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Webinar on Demand: How to Modernize your Data Analytics on Google Cloud Platform


On 28-October-2021, Cloud Kinetics in collaboration with Google hosted the webinar “How to Modernize your Data Analytics on Google Cloud Platform.” The notable speakers for the webinar were:

Haji Munshi– Group CEO, Cloud Kinetics
Travis Rath – Scaled GCP Lead, APAC, Google
Chirag Nayyar -Solutions Architect, Cloud Kinetics

The Agenda of the webinar:

  • How to Accelerate Data Powered Innovation
  • On-Premise Analytics vs Analytics on Cloud
  • Characteristics of Modern Data Analytics
  • Build a Modern Data Analytics Workflow on Google Cloud
  • Demos on BigQuery, serverless & real-time ingestion, and ETL

Key Excerpts from the Webinar are as follows:-

The world is moving to data-driven businesses and it is increasingly becoming so with the advent of Covid. Over the last 20 months, data-driven business models have increasingly grown at a faster rate. 

With the new offerings that are available on platforms as a service like BigQuery, it’s very easy to code or program different requirements for analyzing the data to be able to get the most out of the Datawarehouse and build it quickly. 

So what does a data-powered platform for innovation require?

The three key areas are mostly Databases, where data is born, stored, and served. Secondly, smart Analytics solutions as data warehouses, and finally, AI & ML tooling where we can move from historical and real-time analysis into automating the future. 

Google Cloud is addressing the challenges by simplifying Big Data Analytics

First and foremost, by providing serverless analytics solutions, for example, BigQuery. Secondly, with google serverless analytics solutions combined with Cloud Kinetics, we eliminate the need for systems engineering from data analytics so that one can focus on data analysis. 

Why are industry leaders using Google for data modernization:

  • Accelerate time-to-value
  • Get instant insights with real-time analytics
  • Realize the power of advanced & predictive analytics
  • Access & share insights with ease
  • Protect your data and operate with trust

The takeaways are 

  • Focus on value 
  • Real-time analytics
  • Advanced and predictive insights
  • Rapid data- sharing and centralizing data
  • Built-in data protection and security 

“Ultimately it is all about talent and capability. We are all trying to build our skills and capabilities around data and in the past, it has been quite high.” Haji MunshiGroup CEO, Cloud Kinetics

“Accelerating the velocity and scaling up such data analysis is critical to succeed in the face of unprecedented market shifts for understanding the rapidly changing customer behaviors…”Travis RathScaled GCP Lead, APAC, Google

“We are living in the era of industry 4.0 and data and data analytics is not again a new thing but in this industrial era, the new computational technology is there, even the businesses are gathering the data from the last two to three decades or are storing it…” Chirag Nayyar – Solutions Architect, Cloud Kinetics

Watch the webinarHow to Modernize your Data Analytics on Google Cloud Platform” below to get more insights –

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