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Webinar on Demand: How to Modernize Application with Google Kubernetes Engine


On 27-October-2021, Cloud Kinetics in collaboration with the Google Cloud hosted the webinar “How to Modernize Application with Google Kubernetes Engine”. The eminent speakers for the webinar were:

Ridwan  – Solution Architect, Cloud Kinetics
Alamsyah  – Partner Solution Consultant, Google

The Agenda of the webinar:

  • Cloud trend and statistics
  • Introduction from Google and Cloud Kinetics 
  • The Overview of Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • Cluster Orchestration on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • Demo of GKE to set up an enterprise-ready cloud

Key Excerpts from the Webinar are as follows:-

Application development is the revenue generator for every technology company. 

Delivering software quickly, reliably, and safely is the key to technology transformation and organizational performance. 

Working with a partner like Cloud Kinetics helps to 

  • reach desired business outcomes quicker
  • reduce operational costs
  • focus on innovation
  • reduce security and compliance risks, and develop your skills with the training available. 

Why be a part of Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

1) It is a secure way to manage and operate Kubernetes, with software supply chain security and trusted networking.

2) Reliability with hassle-free operations, strong availability, multi-tenancy, and customer-friendly pricing.

3) Agility and ease of use with application accelerators, enhanced developer productivity, and also due to workload portability. 

Try building applications that run on Kubernetes Engine. As this is highly secure, reliable, and is backed by Google service. Also, helps in upgrading to handle large computing loads faster and efficiently.

GKE clusters are powered by Kubernetes open-source cluster management system. When you run a GKE cluster, you also gain the benefit of advanced cluster management features that Google Cloud provides you with. The level of flexibility, responsibility, and control that you require for your clusters determines the mode of operation to use in GKE.

“Google Kubernetes Engine can be insightful to the user and help them  to develop applications very easily and quickly” – Ridwan, Solution Architect, Cloud Kinetics.

With Google Kubernetes Engine user can get latest update and can easily develop, deploy and expose their apps and service”. Alamsyah, Partner Solution Consultant, Google

Watch the webinar “How to Modernize Application with Google Kubernetes Engine” below to get more insights – 

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