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Webinar on Demand: Maximising cloud value with the proper IT strategy Virtual Masterclass

Virtual Masterclass

20-April-2022  Cloud Kinetics  hosted the  webinar on “ Maximising cloud value with the proper IT strategy. “The webinar brought in interests in the topic from Registrants and Attendees from Singapore , Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia  and Australia, the guests took away valuable points on How to strategize your Cloud migration.

Maximising cloud value with the proper IT strategy : Virtual Masterclass

Over the last few years, cloud technology paired with sufficient expertise has been able to unlock countless opportunities, enabling organisations to work remotely, secure data, and significantly enhance operations as a whole. However, companies are only scratching the surface. Enabled with the proper strategy, companies can tap into the cloud’s virtually limitless potential.

Cloud technology is steadily becoming the new norm, but organisations are falling into pitfalls all throughout the cloud adoption journey. Vital aspects such as ROI measurement, migration, and scaling can become debilitating roadblocks. The benefits are there for the taking, but companies first need the proper tools and expertise to capture value in the cloud. 

  • How can companies maintain cost-efficiency throughout an unpredictable cloud adoption journey?
  • What can companies do to properly equip or upskill their workforce to manage cloud technology?
  • What strategies and trends are shaping the future of cloud?

Target Audience:

Leaders interested in learning how to formulate a cloud adoption strategy tailored to their company’s specific requirements and plans for the future.

CIO, CTO, Head of IT, IT Infrastructure Manager, IT Operations Managers, and other senior executives.


Rekuram Varadharaj 
CSO at Cloud Kinetics
Lalit S Chowdhary
CTIO at Lightstorm
Yash Acharya 
 Sr, Specialist Solutions Architect, 
Migrations and Modernisation at AWS

Key Points from the Webinar are as follows:

At a 31% growth rate, public cloud spending is adopted at a soaring rate and growing faster than ever. It’s always recommended to invest more into making your architectures more cloud-native and actually realising the business value of cloud. There is a common bridge between managed data and cloud analytics. This is to ensure that your data is in a safe and secure place. This makes the availability of analytics obvious, which in turn helps customers improve their overall experience through personal recommendations and other aspects. 

According to the market research done by AWS,

  • 80% of all the container workloads are currently running on AWS.
  • 62% of the enterprises that have adopted server-less architectures, in terms of the event-driven mechanisms, are on AWS.

Digital transformation is one of the driving factors of cloud adoption.

Hence it’s advisable the migration-competent partners and the premier partners with expertise in the cloud to extend their team with the customers and kick start their migration process. The MSP should be looked upon as a long-term collaborative approach in addition to our internal team. This would eventually lead to a successful cloud journey.

You can monitor your overall spending, set the forecast budget and regulate your AWS budget with the help of Cloud partners like Cloud Kinetics. Cloud partners can help with cost management, performance monitoring and handling the remediation part. The right Cloud partner by your side, you can manage the cost, reliability and performance professionally. With a set of dedicated and trained people, you can improve your ROI by avoiding downtime and security issues.

 It is suitable to hire Cloud partners for simplified cloud migration and operations. Since data is at an ever-growing stage, it’s vital to depend upon the right Cloud partners for better data-driven assessments and remediation and tune downtime, tune uptime, right, and performance on a continuing basis.

Cloud Kinetics has understood that customers look upon public cloud, multiple clouds, or even hybrid cloud. Cloud Kinetics look for better ways to address customer challenges faced by them. By working closely with AWS, we have developed an intact skillset to understand our customers.

Cloud is everywhere!

There are many industry thought leaders who rely fervently on Cloud. They are from different backgrounds such as:

  • Start-ups
  • SMEs
  • Fortune 500
  • Independent consulting agencies

According to Yash from AWS, using tools like AWS Budgets or Cost Explorer, you have the liberty to set up your cloud environment to monitor your cloud spending by setting up the forecasted budgets. This is to avoid your budget from blowing out of proportion.

Many businesses such as Netflix and SAP are depending upon AWS Cloud. It’s a well-known fact that AWS has earnt the accolades as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant under the category of Cloud Infrastructure as a Service.

What does cloud migration demand?

Start small with your assessment and discovery stage. Then get your planning done on how things should proceed further. The planning phase is of utmost importance. After planning, migration would automatically come in terms of choosing which path would fit you the most. The last stage would be to optimize the operations to cut costs, improve security and enhance performance.


Hosted by Cloud Kinetics, in partnership with: AWS

Maximising Cloud Value With The Proper IT Strategy: Virtual Masterclass

At Cloud Kinetics, we believe the right digital strategy can give companies a competitive advantage and enhance the customer experience. That is where we have built our core expertise. As a certified MSP, we use cutting-edge platform-driven services to accelerate our clients' business transformation journeys. Get in touch with our Cloud Experts for a non-obligatory discussion at

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