Senior Python or Go Developer

San Jose, CA
Posted 2 months ago

Skills & Competencies

  • Strong experience in API development
  • Knowledge of Http
  • Software development experience in Python or Go
  • Strong experience in cloud product delivery.
  • Databases: Postgres DB, Redis or DynamoDB– (Any one DB knowledge)
  • Experience of Continuous Integration and Continuous delivery.
  • Experience on SaaS delivery model.
  • Experience with tools like GiHub , Jenkins and TeamCity.
  • Advanced design/debugging/coding skills.
  • Complex problem-solving skills.
  • Demonstrates a growth mind-set, seeks feedback often, and is effective in continuous personal and professional development.
  • Participating in self-directed learning activities aimed at developing deep expertise within technical domain, including reading relevant publications, participating in domain forums or groups etc.
  • Communications and organization skills.
  • Team work skills.
  • Leadership skills and ability. Coaching and mentoring skills.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work collaboratively within an Agile Team to write high quality, testable code that meets the Definition of Done:
    • Strive to meet team commitments.
    • Adopt a test-first approach to software development, where possible in which the test is developed before the code.
    • Participate in design and code reviews with other engineers.
    • Create automated unit, system, and acceptance tests.
    • Participate in test plan reviews.
    • Perform unit/module testing of software.
  • Actively support and contribute to end of iteration demos.
  • Responsible for assigned integration, testing, and deployment tasks.
  • Actively foster continuous team improvement in self and team:
    • Contribute to team retrospectives; help to identify and resolve team impediments.
    • Take ownership of problems and continuously strive to become a better problem solver.
  • Write and maintain documentation to describe program development, logic, coding, testing, changes, and corrections.

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