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Organizations are under pressure to manage costs and cloud has emerged as an opportunity for high savings on IT Infrastructure. Whether you are looking to reduce your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), optimize your IT spend or forecast how much you need to set aside in the coming months, Cloud Kinetics can help.

Case Study

Delivering uninterrupted entertainment while managing IT Infrastructure costs

Sony Pictures was paying thousands of dollars in infrastructure costs to handle large request volumes, and was not able to maintain a consistent user experience for viewers.
Cloud Kinetics, a Premier AWS Partner, noticed that load times on Sony’s servers were inconsistent with business expectations. Cloud Kinetics went through the access logs and noticed that post requests were originating from multiple IPs. The primary site is served through an AWS WAF-enabled CloudFront distribution, which sends traffic through Elastic Load Balancing and then forwards it to an auto-scaled Drupal application running on CentOS. Amazon RDS for MySQL is used as the backend database; the application uses Amazon ElastiCache for Redis to cache the database queries and thereby reduce the database load; and a custom content management tool updates the contents automatically as per the schedule.

Cloud Kinetics implemented AWS WAF and Amazon CloudFront, which tripled the load capacity of the infrastructure while using the same hardware. It also resulted in a 50 percent improvement in user retention. Adding a web application firewall also provided DDoS protection for Sony to safeguard against incoming cyberattacks.

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