On 4th March 2017, Singapore-based InfoFabrica (IFF) and Vietnam-based Digiworld Corporation (DGW) had formed a strategic partnership to supply multi-cloud services in Vietnam.

Digi InfoFabrica

The newly formed entity, called Digi InfoFabrica, was set up to address the huge potential for cloud market in Việt Nam as the country has been developing its IT and Cloud infrastructure in the last few years.
DigiIFF provides cloud consultation services to help scope, assess and recommend the most suitable cloud approach aligned to the organisation’s business requirements.

In the last 4 years, Digi Infofabrica has grown its team size by 6x and is serving over 200 active clients in the private and government sector.

With the recent merger between InfoFabrica and Cloud Kinetics (Singapore-based Cloud Consulting company), there are robust plans to take DigiInfoFabrica to greater heights. The growth plan for Vietnam includes building a Centre of Excellence for Cloud Delivery and expanding its business lines to provide Cloud Managed Services Arcus (IP Framework for Cloud Servicing).

Peter Huynh, Managing Director of Digi InfoFabrica Vietnam, said “I’m excited to start on this new phase of growth for Digi InfoFabrica in Vietnam. I am looking forward to help more companies get ready for digital disruption and derive meaningful business results from their cloud initiatives.”

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