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How Cloud Kinetics Helps Boost Bollywood’s Bandwidth

It’s no coincidence that Bollywood produces around 1,000 films a year, which is almost double the output of Hollywood. And to get these movies to audiences across the nation – and worldwide – Bollywood relies on OTT (over-the-top) players like Lightstorm for online distribution. Any latency could adversely impact the QoS (quality of service).

To boost the QoS, Lightstorm built a fibre network across India to serve as a backbone to power the country’s growing digital economy. It deployed Nokia’s DOS (Digital Operations Software) to automate its service fulfilment and assurance to process orders in seconds and enable the delivery of complex new enterprise services in minutes – up to 500 times faster than traditional approaches.

To help do this effectively, Lightstorm, India’s only carrier-neutral network, turned to CK (Cloud Kinetics) to design the security architecture and integration. Nokia’s DOS was deployed by Singapore-based Cloud Kinetics on AWS (Amazon Web Services) elastic cloud platform.

Lightstorm is a pioneer because it’s for the first time that a cloud-native version of Nokia’s DOS has been deployed anywhere worldwide. The solution leverages industry standards – including TM Forum Open APIs – to minimize the time required to onboard new customers. It also offers closed-loop automation, which identifies problems up to eight times faster compared to legacy systems.

Lightstorm is building a resilient and future-ready telecom network designed to support the ever-growing demand for data and low-latency applications in India,” says Amajit Gupta, Lightstorm’s CEO. We are confident that Nokia’s DOS on the AWS Cloud will help us realize our vision of building a software-defined programmable and automated network. We look forward to working with Nokia in our journey to provide a world-class digital experience through our platform.”

Both Lightstorm and Nokia selected CK for this deployment. “We were delighted to be chosen to design the security architecture and integration to enable Lightstorm to enter the market as a greenfield operator quickly,” said Haji Munshi, CK’s CEO, said. “As a premier AWS consulting partner and MSP (managed service provider) globally, we have the required experience and expertise for just such complex and integrated projects.”

Puneet Chandok, AWS’ head of sales for India, said that deploying Nokia’s DOS on AWS allows Lightstorm to drive maximum efficiency, flexibility and customer satisfaction with modern service design, delivery, and billing.

“With the onset of the pandemic, Indian film releases moved to the virtual world, making a mark in an already booming streaming market, with each player rushing to acquire rights to blockbuster films,” Statista reported. “The rise of streaming platforms as the preferred mode of watching movies among Indians has helped sustain the film industry through this turbulent phase.”

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