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Google Cloud Summit in Jakarta, Indonesia


Veritas intelligent 360 data management on GCP

We met some truly passionate Google Cloud Platform clients at our booth, so we would first like to say a big thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at GCP Summit, Jakarta, Indonesia and experienced our solution demo and promotion.

At the booth, we are demostrate the Intelligent 360 data management on Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud is at the forefront of digital transformation today, but adopting cloud can also create IT silos, spreading data and workloads across numerous locations. While data is created through every communication, transaction and interaction customers participate in; data in itself is not valuable to a business. But information derived from this data has the potential to skyrocket business growth, revenue and profit.


Organizations are struggling with two competing forces as it pertains to their data: demand for uncompromising information protection and access, and the exponential increase in data growth and sprawl. Data growth at 39% year over year1 has fueled global data centers expansion, whose storage capacity is expected to reach 1.8 zettabytes in 20202. These data centers demand the energy equivalent of 30 nuclear power plants3, so exponential data growth threatens to make a significant impact. For the average organization, a simple 2% acceleration past the current year over year data growth rate could mean storing an extra exabyte over the next 10 years—or an additional $5.3 billion in storage spend for the typical large enterprise.

The expectation of today’s IT organization is quintuple 9’s in performance and resiliency, and at the same time, absolute prevention of information crisis or theft. With these demands, organizations are realizing that their current approach to data management is unsustainable and are looking to the cloud for help. But blindly moving data to the cloud can actually drive up costs and increase risks especially in relation to regulatory landscapes. Wherever that data lands, it will also consume some of the approximately 13% of the globe’s total electricity that the world’s data centers will grow to require by 20304. As organizations fight these challenging trends, the stakes are growing higher than ever. Google provides one of the greenest, most renewable-energy powered cloud infrastructures available, and Veritas provides 360 data management for Google Cloud, so organizations don’t just blindly move data and workloads to the cloud. 

# Veritas on Google Cloud Platform with InfoFabrica Professional Service and Managed Services. 

Google Cloud Summit dated October 4, 2018 | Booth held by InfoFabrica Indonesia

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