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As a company with local roots and global reach, we thrive on the diversity of our associates and the different ways each of us contributes to our success. What keeps us at the forefront of progress? Our people. No matter where they work or who they are, we trust in their individual skills and qualities and give them everything they need to reach their full potential.

Our Values, Your Personality

Do you enjoy a good challenge? Great, because we value bold thinkers who are excited to take on challenging tasks. We strive to be the best and we share our success with our associates, customers, suppliers and shareholders. We are always looking to expand our teams to continue to serve our customers and to grow our business. Ready to join us?

Cloud Kinetics

Cloud Kinetics (also known as CK) is a leading Cloud Transformation Solutions and Managed Services Provider, offering a plethora of services across all major Public Cloud Operators. CK has helped hundreds of customers unlock new-found value by migrating and running business critical systems on Cloud. CK has demonstrated the capabilities and expertise necessary to design, build, deploy, migrate and operate complex cloud environments for enterprise clients across industries.

What’s it like working at CK?

Working at Cloud Kinetics is fun, challenging and rewarding. We are committed to make Cloud Kinetics the Best Place to Work for Cloud Professionals. We understand that a diverse and inclusive company culture is a competitive advantage that benefits our employees and it is our endeavour to build a thriving environment for our teams.

Our Values: START

We are driven by a set of Values that guide us in every part of the business. Our Values and are at the core of our ability to effectively serve our customers and our team.

Shared Success

We believe that we all succeed together, through collaboration and partnership.


Tenacity is a blend of determination, persistence and grit – it is our job to do whatever it takes to make our clients succeed.


Adventure is the willingness to commit to an uncertain outcome with an open mind and heart – it takes us to new frontiers.


We strive to build a respectful environment where we display respect in our daily interactions with our clients, our co-workers and our partners.


We invest in ourselves and constantly build on our talents. We move out of our comfort zones and embrace new challenges.