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AWS Public Sector Summit, Singapore


We show case: Cloud data protection and DRaaS for VMware environments with Druva

The Challenge  

Virtualization has enabled flexibility and scalability of infrastructure while reducing the overall cost of capital investment and administration. Protecting these environments has become increasingly complex with the ever-growing amount of structured and unstructured data across a myriad of disjointed and disparate on-premises solutions including hardware appliances, storage, tape, and software.

This complexity has resulted in heavy administrative overhead and infrastructure costs — which multiply with the growing number of sites for distributed organizations. Furthermore, the intensifying requirements associated with business continuity and information governance are also changing how infrastructure resiliency and long-term retention shape the organization’s data-protection needs. 

The Solution 

To address these challenges, Druva delivers data availability and governance for enterprise infrastructure with a unique cloud-first approach — combining high-performance, scalable backup, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and archival 

The Benefits

The integration with your VMware environment and the Druva platform provides fast, seamless backup to the Druva Cloud, helping you protect and manage your critical files and virtualized workloads. With this integrated solution, you get the following benefits:

• Cloud-native solutions — Built on top of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud, Phoenix is simple, secure, and scalable and can be deployed globally across all AWS regions. Phoenix leverages a multi-tenant public cloud (AWS) architecture and micro-services like S3, DynamoDB, and RDS to create a scale-out service without any single point of failure or performance bottleneck.

• DRaaS and workload mobility (Test/Dev) — Backed up virtual machines (VMs) can be configured to fail over and quickly spin-up as instances in your AWS account with RTOs in minutes. In addition, once in the cloud, Phoenix enables workload mobility across geographies as well as replication for test and development

• No hardware, no software, no hassle — You do not have to purchase any new hardware or additional software in order to start using Phoenix. Simply configure your environment, and you’ll have global reach and scale at your fingertips in minutes. Phoenix can radically lower your data protection costs by up to 60% compared to legacy data protection strategies across all sites.

• Central visibility — Phoenix provides a comprehensive, single point from which you can view your data backup status and manage all your data protection services across your environment and remote sites in multiple geographies.  


Workshop dated October 2, 2018 | Hosted by AWS Summit (PS Sector)

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