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Get more from your cloud assets
with ARCUS

Arcus is a Customizable & Extensible Cloud Management Framework. A Self-Service Platform, Arcus helps our clients accelerate their business use of cloud while optimizing Cloud TCO. It presents an intuitive interface and simplifies provisioning, management and monitoring of multi-cloud assets. ARCUS is a vertical-agnostic platform that presents a rich set of capabilities for automation, operation monitoring and management of your cloud assets.

Operate, Monitor, Manage and Optimize your cloud infrastructure assets

  • Dynamic & Customizable Dashboards
  • Multi-Cloud Monitoring & Alerting
  • Open API Integration
  • Resource Provisioning
  • Catalog – IAC based Provisioning
  • Cloud Activity Scheduling
  • Automated Spend Forecast
  • Advanced Cost Analytics
  • Service Request Integration

Easy Deployment

Launch servers from catalogue or image

Create backups

Create and attach disk storage

Configure network security elements, load balancer and static external IP

Create KeyPair for secure access to servers

Efficient Management

Multi-User and Multi-Cloud Account

Automated Spend Forecast using AWS Forecast

Custom monitoring app and database server parameters

Cloud activity trail

Group cloud resources as stacks

Effective Optimization

Advanced Cost Analytics

Budget tracking and spend alerts

Spend analysis on tagged resources

Ad-hoc drill down reports with filters

Export custom reports