SAP Implementations on AWS

Cloud Kinetics, AWS Premier Consulting and Managed Service Partner — delivered consulting, architecture, provisioning and 24/7 managed services of SAP for a leading regional electronics and manufacturing distributor in Southeast Asia.


The client is one of the leading regional distributors of commercial and light industrial refrigeration systems and products in Southeast Asia. They provide refrigeration and air-conditioning systems and products in the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC&R) industry.


The customer needed to commission a SAP ERP implementation project with an aggressive timeline. Building and scaling at short notice and automated server management were key during Development and Staging. Multi-geography users/admins required secure access. Managed services for the complete stack (server application).


The client required a SAP-Sybase-Windows environment. A key part of our cloud proposition was to identify a 3-year TCO for the infrastructure, with staggered costs, progressive outlay in spend, optimization potential and technology upgrades possible within 3 years. Using AWS reference architecture for SAP implementations, we designed a managed AWS hosting environment for SAP Solution Manager, SAP ERP Development and Quality systems, SAP Production System and Document Management System. We established a VPN tunnel to extend the data center from the client sites and carried out the EC2 Server provisioning and configuration for the Windows 2012 Servers within a VPC.Using Arcus, a smart Cloud Management Platform, we delivered managed services for the SAP cloud assets that enabled server monitoring, management, ticketing and reporting. We provided ongoing Managed Cloud services including AWS technical support for Infrastructure Availability Management (ongoing and SLA-based) as well as monitoring solution and reporting availability, performance (CPU, load, etc.) based on specified thresholds.

Results & Business Benefits

With the infrastructure cost drastically reduced/optimized during the development and testing phases, defrayed costs of IT infrastructure (reduced CapEx) accelerated a quick management buy-in and steered project kickoff. The servers were sized optimally at early stages and scaled up with addition of load and users. Also, Arcus-orchestrated schedules start-up/shutdown of Development and Test servers provided considerable savings. Arcus has provided the client a real-time view into the SAP system management, performance and costs and spending.