Live data streaming app on Cloud

Cloud Kinetics, AWS Advanced Consulting and Managed Service Partner — delivered consulting, architecture, provisioning, and 24/7 managed services of live data streaming app for sports technology and data analytics company.


The client is a sports technology, performance, and data analytics company that channels live game scores and updates to global audience by means of their Online Scoring and Analytics System.


The client had to ensure live game data uploaded from handheld devices was processed using Cloud Analytics Server, and served up to websites that dynamically scale. With an enormous consumer size, it became a challenge to enable a system that scales and performs according to the demand. And to meet all the customers’ expectations, the client had to ensure high availability and near-zero downtime with continuous data replication — and this posed more challenges such as ensuring security, quick response time, and compliance.


Cloud Kinetics proposed a multiple iterative architecture scenarios that encompass customer’s technical and security requirements, and analyzed AWS components (including SES, SMS, and RDS) for best architecture decision. Application instances were hosted in two Availability Zones in AWS Singapore and accessed from AWS ELB. From the network security perspective, Application instances were deployed within a VPC. Client sites were enabled with VPN connectivity to the VPC from their existing Hardware Internet facing Router (Sonicwall). A NAT instance was created in each of the Public Subnets to enable Internet access for instance in the Private Subnet. An internal Elastic Load Balancer with cross-zone load balancing was enabled and set to maintain sticky sessions using ELB generated cookies. Cloud Kinetics also implemented auto scaling to ensure high availability. DR setup for databases utilized the cross-region read replica feature available for RDS MySQL instances. DR for Apps was enabled by starting the App servers.

Results & Business Benefits

The architecture and design of this solution, which leverages AWS cloud services, delivered highly reliable performance and throughput, and fulfilled the need for fault tolerance, redundancy, scaling, and high availability with zero downtime requirements.