Enterprise data center migration to AWS

Cloud Kinetics, AWS Advanced Consulting and Managed Service Partner — delivered consulting, architecture, provisioning to migrate the entire DC of a leading financial holding company in US.


The client is a financial holding company that offers a broad array of financial products and services related to Credit Card Lending, Auto Lending, Retail Finance, Loan Servicing, and Portfolio Acquisitions.


The business was growing, but the capital costs of IT (infrastructure, licenses cost) to support the growth were prohibitive. Newer application and software features, which were necessary for the growing business, demanded a higher infrastructure cost to support. Deploying a newer, flexible solution that could provide application administrators more capability to support business, while maintaining security compliance, was critical.


– Architecture to ensure High Availability and Business Continuity by provisioning near real-time failover from existing servers to the new cloud servers.- Incorporating PCI compliance and external vendor integration for the financial services segment.- Total revamp of network architecture to encompass current developer and user requirements and to enhance security.- Ensuring that new third-party software for backup, firewall, and load balancers supported the enterprise requirements on the cloud.We focused on a phased, tiered migration of the enterprise systems using an iterative build, test, and cutover approach. Our Initial Portfolio assessment involved a clear requirement definition and analysis closely monitored and led by our Application and Infrastructure teams. Our Application analysis resulted in grouping application in clusters based on their migration complexities and interdependencies.

Our team elaborated clear and apt white boarding of the features, benefits, and limitations of the Public Cloud paradigm. Finally, we successfully delivered Architecture, Testing, and Build of the base network, security, and core infrastructure services (mail and directory services, AV, etc.) and moved architected applications to the Cloud in a phased, iterative Dev/QA/Prod cycle.

Results & Business Benefits

The solution implementation laid a foundation to support future business growth and enabled a fully refreshed technology infrastructure and software systems. As a result, costs are now definitive and controllable, and the IT team can now focus on new projects—with CK’s services enabling a turnkey deployment. The implementation also resulted in options for high availability, scalability and, more critically, on-demand availability of resources, which are a major win for customer adopting the Cloud. Further, simplicity/transparency of cloud IT estate/costs have been facilitated for the IT team.