Enabling the tech backbone of e-commerce with AWS

Cloud Kinetics, AWS Premier Consulting and Managed Service Partner — delivered consulting, architecture, provisioning and 24/7 managed services of SAP Hybris on AWS for the international gaming hardware company.

In December 2015, the client started building a new e-commerce platform on the cloud. Client needed the ability to scale their operations enabling tens of thousands of users to simultaneously use their platform. In addition, they needed to scale for customer visits across the globe, beginning with Singapore and Hong Kong, moving to Europe and the Americas.To help them with this, they chose Cloud Kinetics as their partner. Cloud Kinetics’ successful track record of running SAP workloads on AWS gave the client the confidence to pick AWS cloud over the traditional on-premise option.


Our client is an American company building computer hardware for gamers, focusing on PC gaming such as laptops, tablet computer, various PC peripherals, wearables and accessories. It is these products that they sell on their e-commerce store.


When the client decided to implement their e-commerce on SAP Hybris to the cloud, they needed a platform that gave them the agility to power their go-to-market strategies and the scale to cater to their growing (linear or seasonal) needs — in a cost-efficient manner.As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and Managed Services Partner, Cloud Kinetics was perfectly poised to help the client. They needed a partner who can manage the technology heavy lifting this implementation requires and let them focus on what they are good at — their business.


Cloud Kinetics began deployment of Hybris e-commerce platform in AWS Singapore region, serving traffic to Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. After having tried and successfully used AWS for these markets — less dense for their business — they grew confident of the system’s capabilities to serve their US markets. At this point, they made a strategic decision to move their production environment from Singapore to US region, the cross-region migration of which, Cloud Kinetics enabled in less than a week’s time!From what began as a handful of servers, we have now scaled to a total of 42, currently also serving traffic to US and preparing to include the EU region. This empowers the client to serve a user group of tens of thousands of customers, from a meagre thousand they began with.

The client’s confidence in the platform and our services led them to quadruple their AWS spend in less than 6 months to close to 25,000 USD/month.

Managed Services

We use Arcus — Cloud Kinetics’ next-generation smart cloud management platform — for provisioning, proactive monitoring, optimisation, and governance. Arcus powers the production monitoring and automation of devops, scheduled start/stop of Instances and policy-driven backup of snapshot and AMI.

Business Impact

AWS empowered the client with the agility to upscale, downscale, move across existing markets or explore new markets without the fear of their business being affected Whether their growth was linear or seasonal, AWS gave them the flexibility to expand or reduce their bandwidth, in a cost-efficient manner.Cloud Kinetics ensured their peace of mind to focus on business strategy and application — the e-commerce platform in this case — by carefully and expertly managing their infrastructure needs. The responsive and agile teams at Cloud Kinetics continue to have their back by proactively monitoring and keeping the lights on for their infrastructure to enable seamless business-as-usual. In addition, drawing from our experience enabling their infrastructure, we are also able to deliver during critical times like the ongoing new region launches and upcoming Consumer Electronics Show.

Looking forward

The client will be at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January next year during which time, the website needs to serve 10 million users, up from a 100,000 on regular days. Cloud Kinetics is preparing to deliver this on-demand scale, not just for CES, but also to meet other business needs.After having enabled e-commerce and marketing globally for the client, we are also working with them to support other aspects of their order fulfilment and logistics on AWS. With the proposed Direct Connect, the client will be able to multiply the value from AWS.