CMS migration to Cloud

Cloud Kinetics, AWS Advanced Consulting and Managed Service Partner — delivered consulting, architecture, provisioning, and 24/7 managed services of migration of the hosted CMS for a leading national media.


The client is a leading national media conglomerate in India that serves via electronic, mobile, and print media. This media giant had its Content Management System (CMS) delivered through servers hosted on a third-party data center located in India.


The client wanted to improve user experience but was confronted by challenges such as geographically dispersed consumers, network latency, and centralized physical infrastructure. Their performance efficiency was also affected by dynamic and variable loads, driven specifically by events like elections. Although they have existing CMS solution, it was outdated and the latest version required an upgraded RHEL package. The client therefore looked to AWS cloud, particularly its auto scaling and global content distribution capabilities.


Cloud Kinetics guided the client through upgrading of Escenic CMS Platform on the latest release of RHEL server and enabling high availability and replication of MySQL DB. They implemented auto scaling to enhance scalability based on user load, CPU utilization, and network traffic.To securely extend the data center into AWS, a VPN connection was set up from the client’s premise. Cloud Kinetics implemented a Directory Server and Network File Storage on the cloud data centre, and then build and configure the server infra and NFS instance. This enabled installation of the latest version of Escenic based CMS platform and Varnish for Web Acceleration.Cloud Kinetics deployed MySQL RDS to ensure high availability and built-in automated fail-over along with Elastic Load Balancer for both internal and external, as well as to enable Load balancing for Varnish, Escenic Web, and Escenic Publisher Applications. To deliver uniform web experience to end users accessing the sites across the globe, Cloud Kinetics deployed CloudFront distribution that served end-users through the nearest geo-server. Cloud Kinetics carried out load and performance testing with geo-dispersed load factors and validated the results relative to business requirements.

Results & Business Benefits

CloudFront improved the response time, expanding the globally distributed system to geographically dispersed locations. Auto scaling enabled uniform user experience and served as an accelerator. Using RDS for MySQL DB resulted in an effectively managed, reliable DB service with high availability and built-in automated fail-over. Based on defined load, concurrent users, and failover parameters, auto scaling resulted in a highly resilient architecture that fully leverages the AWS Cloud attributes.