Arcus DRaaS allows you to protect your business-critical assets without having to purchase costly infrastructure and software

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Our DRaaS solution is an automated suite of tools, allowing customers to plan for BCP & DR, utilizing the flexibility of the cloud infrastructure, and not investing in redundant environment.

Objective-Driven Continuity

Not a one-size-fits-all box, cloud-based DR offers businesses the flexibility to invest in various DR options (Pilot Lite, Warm, Hot) , based on the criticality of system, RPO, RTP etc. Arcus Cloud Management Platform enables automation of data backup , detection of primary failure, activation of DR environment etc.

Reliability & Agility

No cumbersome retention and/or fetching tape drives. Point-in-time snapshots are available for restore, and can be achieved from Arcus console.

Predictable , Economical DR

Our DRaaS enables a predictable cost, tracks the monthly cost, identifies and highlights the key components of cost . CK Mnaaged Services team will perform the periodic functions of restore testing etc. to verify the consistency and reliability.


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