Cloud Migration Factory

A Secure, Automated Cloud Migration Solution

Cloud Migration Factory

Cloud migration can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be difficult – not when you have a partner that can take you through the whole process from start to finish.

Cloud Kinetics has the people, processes and technology that can help you make a seamless transition to the Cloud. Start reaping the business benefits of the Cloud sooner – such as increased agility, enhanced security, and reduced costs – by tapping into our Cloud Migration Factory.

Assess, Design and Build

We take the time to assess your specific solution requirements so we can recommend the right architecture and design for leveraging Cloud benefits. We ensure that the Cloud-enabled solution is built to deliver optimal performance, redundancy, scalability, high availability and business continuity.

Security Assessment

We recommend, implement and validate that your AWS infrastructure is configured with security Best Practices and compliant with client-defined security policies and frameworks. We can deploy audit tools for continuous audit.

Enterprise Business Solutions

We deploy, manage and provide infrastructure support for SAP, Sharepoint, Oracle EBS and other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud solutions.

SaaS Enablement for ISVs

We consult, collaborate and implement the order-to-provisioning scenario for ISV SaaS offerings. For single and multi-tenant environments, we build the appropriate cloud architecture for scale, availability, redundancy and disaster recovery.

Big Data

We enable Big Data transformation. We build, manage and tune cloud databases to support efficient ETL and advanced analytics. We deploy cloud data warehouses, encryption, transfer and visualization platforms.

ISV's Migrate your product as SaaS


Re architect to fully leverage Cloud benefits

Our Approach

CK Migration Framework driven Consulting

Architecture Design & Migration Plan

Migration & Steady State

Optimization & rollover to Support

Our Success Stories

DC Migration

Enterprise Workloads
including SAP/Microsoft/
BeSpoke Applications

Web Applications, Portals

B2C Websites / Portals

ISV Enablement


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