Big Data on cloud

A Secure, Automated Cloud Migration Solution

Capital expenditure and manpower investment required to manage and analyze Big Data are often the major deterrent for crucial business initiatives involving Big Data. This in Architectural terms boils down to addressing two major components Data Orchestration and Data Warehousing/BI.

CloudKinetics brings in the experience in enabling our customers in making the right architectural choices which had helped in speeding up the Big Data solution deployment starting from Proof of Concept / Pilot to Production in quick time, in a pay-as-you-go, scalable model.

CloudKinetics has been able to address variety of Customer use cases ranging from Web Analytics for a Live Video Streaming Company, to Consumer Loyalty Analytics provider for a leading airlines in South East Asia, to Plan Effectiveness Analysis in Container Repositioning for a leading Shipping Liner. 

'One of our reference architecture involving AWS Redshift (DataWarehouse) & AWS EMR for Orchestration'

Our value adds:

Architect with the right toolset based on available skills with Customer team in mind, incorporating best practices of security and scalability.

Build environment with quick turnaround

Enable Customer Data scientists with sample queries / script snippets for the tools based on CK experience, which will jump start the work effort during Pilot

Automate Data Orchestration and Administrative work efforts in Production

Case Study - Big Data




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