One Solution Engineered for Multiple Business Verticals

From Kilobytes to Petabytes, we help businesses to archive any amount of data and retrieve on demand.

Financial Services

Archiving financial agreements & policies for reference

Media Houses

RAW video contents, edited files, scheduled broadcasts

Building & Engineering

Walkthroughs, 3D projections, designs, architectures

Health Care Insurance

Insurance policy documents & related medical records

Law Firms

Legal documents & supportive proofs in multiple formats


Repository of audio call recordings for quality checks

Searchable, Scalable and Secure Archival - Retrieval Platform

With Flexible features and plans to serve business-specific requirements

Flexible Plans

Immediate or 4 hours retrieval lead time plans

A-FAR file archiving software offers flexible plans for varied degrees of urgency involved in retrieval, as immediate or 4 hours lead time plans, which in turn provides varied cost propositions.

Affordability Redefined

₹4 per GB of data

A-FAR is a highly affordable SaaS file archival and retrieval solution which benefits more when you archive more. The storage price for 1 GB of data can get as low as ₹4 per month for storage volumes greater than 50 TB.

Easily Searchable and Secured

Locate files in a flash

Locating any particular file among petabytes of cold stored data which could be millions of file is always a challenge. A-FAR's file archiving management software provides a indexing based approach which paves way for self-service file retrieval by authorised end users without dependency over IT professionals.

Highly Durable

Your files live forever

A-FAR archives your files on one of the most trusted cloud storage systems in the world, Amazon Web Services. Files stored on Amazon Glacier have durability of 99.999999999% which means your data lives for decades.

Pay as you go

Tiered storage plans with monthly payment options

You pay only for what you choose from 2TB,5TB,10TB and greater than 50TB plans. No annual commitments.

Customers Speak

At Rappier, we deal with cutting-edge digital marketing products & solutions and see massive scale-up scenarios. Cloud Kinetics has been a very dependable Infrastructure Managed Services partner for us in the journey. Glad to say that the CK Managed Services team have our back, while we focus on our core technology!


CEO, Rappier Group

We are now 100% on cloud, away from obsolete, non-supported hardware, and into the latest technology platforms . Without your expertise, guidance and assistance, this would not have been possible. Thank you for your hard work.


Technical Project Manager, Atlanticus

I am happy to announce that we crossed a major milestone in the cloud migration journey and I would like to congratulate each one of us for making it a great success. The entire ERP migration process was executed flawlessly in a way that the end users never realized that we went live on the cloud. It’s a great team work and I personally look forward to working with this team on migrating the remaining applications to cloud as per the timelines and making it a memorable experience for all of us.

Oswald Rajesh

GM – IT, TVS Logistics Services Ltd

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